Monday, September 21, 2009

Arranging the Stations

Until today, I have not really accomplished much on the work of posting the various settings of the Stations mentioned in my previous blog post. Much of the problem has been concern over copyright. This really isn't a problem with the Via Crucis of St. Alphonsus Liguori. However, meditations for Scriptural Stations was a bit of a problem.

I decided to go to the Vatican website to use the readings provided there for the Stations. For Good Friday, 2005, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger used Scripture readings for the traditional Stations, pulling from the gospels of Luke and Matthew, but also the books of Lamentations and Isaiah. I decided to use these readings as the meditations of the second setting, which will be followed by Collects from the Missal.

Similarly, I can use a Scriptural Way of the Cross (i.e., with Stations drawn entirely from Scripture, without the traditional two extra falls of Jesus and Veronica wiping his face). There are readings for this on the Vatican website, which can similarly be joined with Collects.

Nevertheless, I may want to find another form of prayer rather than the Collects. It seems best to draw from the Liturgy itself. However, this may be a case where the Collects of the Liturgy are not specific enough. Should someone have another idea, I am open to suggestions.

There is more to come, I am sure. I hope all are well.

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