Friday, December 18, 2009

Support for New Translation of the Roman Missal

This November, our bishops, and all bishops in the English speaking world who had not aready done so, gave their support to the new translation of the Roman Missal. This book contains the text of the prayers which are used during the Holy Mass.

The Latin text of the Missal was revised in 2002. Since then there have been significant delays to implementing a faithful translation of the these prayers. Some have protested implementing the new translation, even starting a petition to further obstruct the mind of the Church. It has come to my petition from Fr. Z's post, found here, that there is also a petition to avoid any further delaying tactics.

I strongly urge anyone and everyone to join in this endeavor to demand faithful translations of the Roman Missal. It is time to speak up for having our sacred patrimony revealed in all its splendor. The petition may be found here.


  1. Good evening, Jon. Since you're a liturgy nut, you might -- oh, wait, I see my blog is on your "Excellent Resources" list, and you follow Fr. Tim Finigan's blog, so you probably already know about Okay, carry on! :)


  2. I'm definitely familiar with it, though I haven't visited that link on your blog recently.

    Will your second volume include prayers from the Proper as well as the Ordinary? I'm really interested just to see some of the propers. Nevertheless, I'm sure a commentary on the Eucharistic Prayers alone would be enough to easily fill a book.

    I'd be happy to post a link for you as well. Godspeed in your endeavors.

  3. The second book will be on the priest's prayers. It will include the four major Eucharistic prayers. I'm hoping the new "Eucharistic Compendium" is translated into English soon so I can use that as a primary source for the book. I'm also happy to see ZENIT's "Spirit of the Liturgy" column, most specifically their most recent article on the vesting prayers, which I'm including in my second book. I just might add the maniple, since they did!

    I don't have enough time or knowledge to write about the propers. I'd leave that task to the inimitable Fr. Z! I do think that they deserve a serious commentary, though. They are very rich and densely packed (in the Latin and, soon, in the English as well!) theologically and spiritually, and really need to be carefully read and contemplated (and explained).

  4. I haven't even seen the Latin of the Compendium Eucharisticum. I looked over the Vatican website and couldn't find it.

    There's a lot to delve into, not just in the Eucharistic Prayers, but also in the silent prayers of the priest.

    What are your thoughts on the project going on here? I'll admit, it's very startup. Most of what I am doing will not be my work, but rather a compilation of prayers which are already out there. Still, what do you think? Feel free to send me an email if you would prefer that method of conversation.

  5. By the way, have any readers on here signed the petition?

  6. For your information Archbishop Mark Coleridge from Australia has started an online forum sharing his reflections and recent talks regarding the new translation of the Roman Missal.